Shanghai Apartment Rental and Relocation Services.

Salo Homes provides full service real estate and relocation services for individuals and corporations in Shanghai. We also provide property management services for landlords and tenants, assisting those who wish to purchase, sell or rent property in Shanghai.

Specializing in the support of expatriates that have been deployed in Shanghai, helping over 100 families feel at home. We have seen all of the issues families are faced with and we have the solutions for them.

Why Salo Homes ?

• One-stop complete relocation assistance to Shanghai, saving you valuable time, money, and energy, so you no longer have to go through multiple different agents to complete your relocation.

• Our staff is comprised of expert and experienced local and expatriate staff who have personally gone through the process before and can relate to your requests.

• Salo Homes has access to all popular properties suitable for expats in Shanghai. Meaning, every compound and apartment in Shanghai is available to you through Salo Homes.

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