Shanghai Real Estate.

150SQM 2br2bth old apt, Oven+Open Kitchen, 4m high roof

Type: Apartment for rent Rooms: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 living rooms Size: 150 Sqm Price: ¥19,000 Area: People's Square Metro: Nanjing Rd (E) Compound: - Floor: 10th floor Contact: {CONTACT} Layout: 2 bedrooms 2 living...

¥12000 for a 2br Villa House in Nanjing Rd have a inside balcony

Type: House for rent Rooms: 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 living room Size: 90 Sqm Price: ¥12,000 Area: Jing'an Metro: People's Square Compound: - Floor: 2nd floor Contact: {CONTACT} Layout: 2br+1liv+1bth Size: 90sqm Price: 12000RMB Floor: 2nd floor Location: It is...

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Paul Salo Hi, my name is Paul Salo. I’m the Mandarin speaking American insider in the real estate business in China. I’ve been featured on TV across China, the US, Canada and Japan. I am inspired by a vision to provide clear and effective advice for real estate agents, developers and entrepreneurs to attract Chinese investors, build their business and greatly increase sales and revenue. I’m determined to carry out this mission with integrity and to serve Selling to Chinese clients to the best of my ability. I left the US to start my business in the PRC (China) in 1989 and have been an entrepreneur in China and Japan ever since. I might be the only non-Chinese to have both sold and leased properties inside Mainland China to local Chinese buyers and to Chinese overseas investors on almost every continent on the planet (Australia, Canada, The US, The UK, Japan among many others). My deepest wish is to pass on the things I’ve learned to speed up the selling to Chinese learning curve and help others to succeed in building a clientele of Chinese buyers.